Get Involved!

Queer Muslim Students

You can get involved with QMSA if you are a Queer Identifying Muslim who is a Student at any Tertiary Institution in Australia.


If you do not identify as a Queer Muslim Student but still want to get involved with us as an individual or an organisation, please let us know! We are always looking for Allys to help with our cause. This includes helping with education campaigns, volunteering at events, fundraising etc.

Uni/TAFE Equity Collectives & Student Unions/Guilds

If you are part of an Australian University or TAFE student Equity/Welfare collective or Student Union/Guild we would love to hear from you! We feel it is important to ensure that Queer Muslim Students have a presence, a space and a voice on campus and would like to work towards creating much more inclusive and welcoming equity spaces. We hope to do this by providing material that can educate the wider student community on what it means to be Muslim and Queer as well as create awareness about important Queer related issues amongst Queer Muslim Students



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